My Grandson Lukas


Hi my Name is Michael. I’m living in Basel, Switzerland. I’m a selftaught watercolor artist, Urban Sketcher and Illustrator. I visited a lot of art lessons and workshop. I took part in an traditional Art School on weekly lessons for many years. But I hade to quit to go a more free way. I’m retired now and paint and draw nearly the have day. Now I came to DrawingTutorialOnline to expand my skills to draw portraits with likeness. If You take time and invest hours  to do it You can archieve it but I want to be able to do in quick way. If it is posible I don’t know?

The drawing is one of my nearly daily portrait study in my sketchbook.  I did it with charcoal to do it loose and quick. My Grandson was able to recognize himself very easily.

Please have a look on my Instagram or facebook account to see a bunch of my works. 


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April 30, 2020

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