My First Step

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Hello Matthew,
it was very helpful to get your mail on how to start.
I watched the suggested videos and articles. It quickly became clear to me where my challenges are. I have noticed that I am very strong in training mode and absorb all possible influences and try to improve continuously. I am usually only satisfied when I have reached 120%. That’s how I did it in my job. However, it also achieved a lot.
My focus is on watercolor painting, but then I love to travel and do Urben sketching, and every day several drawings in my sketchbook and then I actually wanted to develop a children’s book and and and …
This also keeps me from developing my portfolio.
I don’t have to rely on earning money from my art, but I still take part in exhibitions and also sell watercolors.
If I now participate in this online academy, I would like to developers a Better eye-brain-hand coordination. I would like to learn to quickly draw the essential character traits of a person, since I also often draw in life situations (theater, concerts, work).

Similarity can of course be achieved in the studio by using a grid or a lightbox. One method is to use Photoshop to place the drawing and template on top of each other, to set a layer 50% transparent and then to correct the deviations.
Now I have started to draw one of the templates. I used the Photoshop method. My first attempt was very imprecise. This is the result after several corrections. I deliberately left the drawing unfinished.
Since I hope to learn from you even without Photoshop to draw this accuracy.
The shading is done first with H2, then HB and then with 4B.
Bristol paper from Lana 250 g. Hatching is done in one direction only. I look forward to your feedback.


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May 3, 2020

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