Muskox Drawing – Mike

Hi Matt,

I feel like I’m over-rendering my drawings again. This one is an attempt to break away from my habitual style, by concentrating on line.

I generally work out from the eye in a rough spiral pattern, and you can see here where I’ve lost focus a bit towards the end, as I got out to the long hair of  the neck and shoulders of this muskox – drawing with tone again, after most of the face is drawn using lines.

There are several distinct kinds of hair in the muskox’s coat, so I think I need to give a bit more thought to their characteristic shapes and shadows.

I’d like to define the horn in the foreground, beside the eye. I tried using a sharp line here, but I’m not  sure it really reads as coming forwards.

Thanks for taking a look! Last week’s crit was really useful.



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March 2, 2020

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