Mucha madness! – Kelsey


Hi Matt, 

I took your recommendation from the last critique, and jumped on the Mucha lines bandwagon. Though her modeling is insane and her face has an expression like she’d like to speak to the manager, I actually really enjoyed doing the line work, which was a real surprise to me. I’m looking forward to doing more studies like this. I did buy the Brigman book, so shall do some studies from there as well. This wasn’t just a good lesson in line work, but also in working more loosely, and letting people see me learning, instead of waiting to show my work till I’ve spent the next week obsessively “perfecting” its imperfections. I almost didn’t upload it this week, embarrassed about all its flaws, but then I was like, eff it, it’s practice. It was fun, moving on!



(I know that the second I upload it I’m going to regret it and desperately want to claw it back and fix it, but whatever! Jump Kelsey! Jump!)


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August 28, 2022

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