Mother and child-in progress


Matt- I cant stay away from your positive,calm,  supportive critiques especially in this pandemic devisiveness.

But, this is another of my attempts at using a different medium- derwent watercolor pencils( but I don’t think I will add water- just stick to color pencil aspect).  So far I like what I’m doing, my question(s) is/are:  1.  how to decide how much more “solid” should I make shapes – I think the suggestion of values of shapes on her head scarf or her cheeks may be enough, with possibly more around the eye; 2.  what type- color to background near heads, faces and 3.  I want to add the figure and mercy corps on the blanket she’s holding without distracting( hopefully adding to) bringing your eye to the mercy present I love of mother and child.  


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August 16, 2020

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