More Mucha- Kelsey


Hi Matt,

Boy has this one been fun to draw! Definitely my fave to draw so far. I have spent an unconscionable amount of time on it, I’m soooo slow that this took me all week! The problem is that the further I go, the more there is to do, the more to fix, the more detail to add. I can see a dozen things to fix, but once I fix those, I can see a dozen more! And I wish I had gotten a lot further on her drapery in general, which is obviously just sketched in at this point, but have run out of time. I’m going to keep working on it, but wanted to get it uploaded for the critique.

I am definitely starting to feel a bit more confident with my line control, which is satisfying, and makes me feel like I am actually improving. If you have any suggestions for another Mucha that you think I should tackle, let me know!




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September 11, 2022

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