Modeling form – Luis


More than two years ago I was enrolled in “Drawing Tutorials”
I learned a lot in those months when I did a large part of the courses that come on the website. However, I left some courses and practices pending that I am currently recovering.
I think I am pretty clear that I am focusing on drawing and painting (watercolor) of faces.
Anyway, sometimes, I need to change the object of study and this change comes in handy so that the mind goes a bit wild.
I want to thank you, Matt, for all that I have learned and am learning with you.
Regarding the lesson and the drawing that I send this week for criticism, it has been quite thorough. I have done it in several sessions, I have been doing it reviewing your videos and I have invested more than two hours in it.
The important thing is that I really enjoyed making it and the final result I think has been good.
Well, I await your criticism and thank you very much for everything.


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August 4, 2020

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