Hi Matt,


1- I tried to do a floor by adding lines texture, but I don’t know why it looks not good!

2-I did 3 type of edges where I did the bottom part edges at the sides little blurry and the bottom part edge at the floor lost edge, but the problem I can’t see the Accent anymore!

3-I would like to ask you  about the value of the cast shadow, should it be darker than the light halftone and lighter than the dark halftone? And how did you decide the length of the cast shadow?

4-What is the Light Source? Direct or Diffuse? And what it is the time of the day?


Hope these questions are not too much like last time!




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July 2, 2021

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  1. nadim chreide

    I forget to ask you the most important question about the BounceLight! How the bounce light bounce into the bottom of the circle where it touches the floor at the bottom middle part were is there no space like the sides of the circle?

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