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Hi Matt,

I have many questions about the circle that I would like to ask you.

In regard to the Reflected Light. Is it only the small spot that I marked, or it is the whole area below the Dark Halftone? And Is there also Turning Plane at the bottom, or it’s only at the top, and should the turning plane darker than the reflected light at the bottom?

In regard to the Midtone Area. You didn’t mention it in the Circle. Is it supposed to be between the Light and Dark Halftones, or I am wrong? 

In regard to the Highlight. Is it only this small light spot above? Should it be very obvious because in your reference it was not strong, and I was not sure If I should make it strong or not?

Is the Area around the Highlight and above the Light Halftone the Light Area, or what it is ?

In regard to the Turning Plane above, should it be darker, or it is good?

Furthermore, for the Background I did like 3 big areas of dark, Middle Tone and Light, but I feel there is no floor because of the three values!

Likewise, it took 7 to 8 values to make the modelling of the circle! But I realized that the face of the statue is exactly like circle except the hair that it is complex, and I didn’t know how to shade the whole area of the hair as simple shape as the face!

Lastly, What is the Locale Value or the Base Value of the circle and the head statue? From which area you pick it? I mean by the Base Value the value that I put it first before adding the light and shadows, the real value of the statue or the circle!

Thanks a lot for your Feedback,






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June 27, 2021

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