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As with the previous exercises I definitely see the flaws in value matching, this is something that will just need much more practice. I think the most valuable thing to me about these has been watching Matthew’s approach to the early stages of a long piece.

I’ve been looking around at pencils – we don’t have prismacolor’s here, but do have Faber Castell. I picked up a Pitt Oil-Base Extra Hard, and I think it exhibits a lot of the same properties Matthew likes about the col-erase – it’s a great change from the graphite pencils I have in that it certainly prevents me from going dark too early. Also I have a lot of FB Polychromos pencils, which I really like, and this pencil reminds me of those – something about the oil base makes it feel like super-precision painting, and much less prone to getting messy/muddy vs graphite.


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June 1, 2020

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