Mixed Media Portrait


Hey everyone,

My name is Johanna. I’m a new member! It might say my name is Ryan, but it’s because my fiancé purchased this membership for me as a gift. Hopefully I can change that later.

This is a portrait I am working on. Not finished, particularly the eyes, but I think almost. Trying some new things out. Lately, I’ve enjoyed having these abstract backgrounds meshed in with figures or portraits. I guess what I’m struggling with on this piece are the values, maybe even the portrait being smooth. I’m used to seeing the brush strokes in my paintings, more impressionistic. Really any critique I can get would be helpful.

I’m looking forward to the lessons. I really want to develop more confidence in my artwork and I guess a personal style. Right now I feel like I jump around a great deal and I think that hinders me as an artist. It’s been beneficial too, in the way that I get to explore and see what I like. Yet, I believe I’m at the point where I know I enjoy mixed media, but need to spend more time developing my drawing skills and areas like composition. 

I’d like to make art my career and now finally have the time and opportunity to dedicate my energy into creating a body of work. This is a little bit of a career shift for me. My background is in psychology (life coaching and counseling) and I find this to influence my art. 

Can’t wait to see everyone’s work! 



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May 1, 2021

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