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Hi Matthew,

Lesson 7 – Understanding form – was challenging. I did 4 drawings of the torso and did some measurement and value studies. 

  • How to do better shading to show the form without drawing lines?
  • How to show form with hatching and cross-hatching without doing a mess in values. 
  • To improve my line quality I start every day with a hand-eye gym. (See my post in the forum).
  • I expected the forum platform for communication between the students. I would like to hear more what others are doing and think. But there is not much response. Maybe I’m wrong.
  • Thank for Your teaching and Your critique. I think I will learn a lot.
  • What do You think about giving all the lessons numbers so it would be easier to refer to.

Thank You for Your teaching and Your support.

Michael Basler


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May 16, 2020

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