Michael Basler Drawing Negative Shakes

Michael Basler_DTO_Negativ Space Drawing_2

Hi together,

here is one of my negative shape studies. It was a great experience. Hope to learn it doing it without a grid. It’s done with a graphite pencil. The problem with the graphite pencil is, that the paper becomes tired if You do too many layers. It gets slippery and blotchy and more work on it makes the shading worse.

The hairs would need more effort to give it a natural look.


Where can I find my previous Gallery entries?

Michael Basler

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May 9, 2020

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  1. Michael Basler

    Michael’s Questions
    1. Do You protect Your Drawings with a fixative spray?
    2. Is it better to work through the lessons in a topic or is it better to stay longer and do more drawings and use models that are not in the lesson?
    Thank You for Your teaching. It helps and encourages very much.
    Michael Basler

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