Measuring values


Question: is it ok to use softer/darker pencils when local value is heavy or even medium? I ask because when laying down a lot of hard pencil – if I’m correcting the value balance in the same spot with kneaded eraser, the paper can start to wear out. It’s also not obvious to me how to drive the value beyond a certain depth with extra hard pencil…seems like this again risks wearing out the paper.

I drew all three but am only really happy with the first (the lightest one, of the girl in the black dress). To be clear, this is the one I’m uploading for critique. The others I’m uploading for reference only , just because I had questions here. Hope that’s ok.

I found it easier to work with the paper as either the lightest tone (as in the first one) or as a light-midtone (the final two) and using white pencil for the lightest values. That means artificially adjusting the local value. Going in with heavy value with such a hard pencil gets me into a place mentally where the drawing feels overworked. But it’s entirely possible that I missed the point of the exercise(s) and should have just kept going! Should I have?

The mid tone statue (profile) is an example of where I only realized very late in the game that I’d really messed up – her head is too large front to back. And this very likely happened because I was pleased with other aspects of the drawing prior to this realization. This happens to me sometimes, and it’s super depressing and really drains me of will to continue. Gotta step back more or something.


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June 19, 2020

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  1. Steve Conover

    Hi, sorry this is Steve C (from Berlin). Mine was also the first of the June 8th critiques. I hadn’t realized until right now that this wasn’t automatically collecting and displaying my name. Also apologize in advance for the mess I guess I’m making here – I still need to upload my photo reference for this, too.

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