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Hi Matt,

I did some impressionistic paintings to study glass transparent materials, to understand the characteristics of  it! But these 4 images were so confusing for me, because every material of them  reacts differently to the light!


1-For the first one the green dice, I am not sure what material is it, but it looks translucent  not transparent like the glass but the light pass through it!

2-for the second one the blue ball, it looks to me like a transparent glass! But I am not sure if it is empty and if  the tree is behind it, and there are like dark colors at the right edge I don’t know from where it comes!

3-for this transparent ball, I didn’t find a real photo with good light, so I painted this clip art!

-Why  the edges get white at all the edges opposite to the second picture which it gets darker?

4-Why there are two highlights of different intensity  only at the upper part and why the edges of the handle at the bottom part get darker at the edges? And is the reflection  in  the wine from something in front of it because it is front plane or under plane?


Thanks alot



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March 30, 2022

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