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Hi Matt,

I’m a hobby artist from Belgium (duch speaking), retired now . At the moment I’m focusing on oilpainting and drawing. I’m trying your onlinecourse for improving my skills. I do like to improve in estimating proportions and also in shading (and in everything else in fact :-)). I have also some issues in painting, but I understand that your course is mainly about drawing. I already did several online courses (Watts Atelier, Vitruvian and Proko) but one of your youtube videos was pulling my attention, the one about “spiraling out” drawing and “starting any where in the drawing”. This technique is working very well for me, so I thought it was a good idea to learn some more from you. The idea that i can get some personal guidance and critique is also very attractive for me, although I dont get how you are going to manage that with so many students? 🙂 Anayway, I like the way you teach and also the sound of your voice (wich is important if one has to listen so many times to a voice  :-)) and it is obviously that you are a great artist.

My drawing is a copy in conte pencil from an oilpainting by Michele Mitchell. It is representing, less or more, the level of drawing I’m on now. Looking forward to your eveluation and critique and also your advice to improve.





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November 11, 2019


  1. Jan Verhulst

    forget to mention: my name is Jan Verhulst

    • Arjun Khode

      Great drawing Jan. I tried several sites as well before joining DTO. Been a member for about 11 months so far and it’s helping me a lot.

      • Jan Verhulst

        Thank you, Arjun. I’m looking forward to the video critiques, it seems that Matt is taken this seriously. I checked out your instagram, obviously you are working very hard to improve your skills, it shows!
        See you

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