Mapping and Shadow Shapes


Name: Don

I am still new (second week), and not sure where to put the comments.   So.. here they are again on this entry.  Sorry.  Did I miss a video or step by step on the order in which to upload the source, my drawing, and when to put the comments in?


From the critique from last week I strived to get rid of the pencil lines.

I used 2B pencil and controlled the value with pressure and layering.  In a few places I used a bristle brush to smooth out an overly heavy line.

Any tips on getting the eyes sized correctly.  I typically either make the eyes too large or two small, or have to erase a lot to get them right.  It seems the targets I mark for the edges of the eye lids appear to be right until I draw the line between them.  Then after a few erasings and redo’s, it make the eyes come out smuggy.




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January 23, 2021

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  1. Don Meador

    The photograph of the drawing came out much darker and grainer than what I was seeing.

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