male standing


I struggle with values. Stopped drawing this before I messed it up too much. I would really appreciate input on this. I think the reference is pretty good, some contrast, not too high key. For me using Strathmore 400 drawing is making a BIG difference (as opposed to Strathmore 400 sketch paper. Sorry Matt, I have a hard time with col-erase, I find myself pushing on the paper too hard to get a dark. (though I will keep experimenting). I am  learning to use a 2b, hb, and limited 2h in that order, (duh, using a 2h too soon wont allow the  b pencils to adhere). The right arm is messed up and should be slightly behind the pelvis.


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February 21, 2021

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  1. Dennis Postula

    I realized I didn’t say who I was:
    Dennis Postula

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