Magpie Looking Towards the Horizon 2

Magpie Looking Towards the Horizon 2-fbcb64cb

Hey Matt!

That was an excellent critique you gave me for the previous sketch painting of this photo. I really didn’t know how to get deeper and the techniques you showed gave me a new way to think of it and to concentrate. 

I’ve made like 8 sketch paintings of this guy doing different things and am gonna move onto another image for next time. I wanted to show you what  I was able to do with your previous help. 

I kept the palette super limited so as not to freak my brain out on too many options to wrangle. Do you think maybe I should pop in some orange into the branch thingy like in the source? Also please feel free to get as nit picky as you feel… my ego can take it and I want to keep learning. 

Love you lots, Debbbbbbbs


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November 7, 2021

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