MADISON – “Pennywise” Reference Photo


Titled: “Pennywise”

Dated: 09.21.2019

Medium: Colored Pencil, Charcoal, Pan Pastel

Subject: Portrait

Size: 11 X 14 in.

Substrate: Strathmore 400 Series Medium Surface Colored Pencil Paper, 100 lb.

Reference Photo Credit: Photo by Amin Rokhide on Unsplash

***** This drawing came to be because my wife, Jackie, is terrified of “Pennywise,” so, of course, since I am a terrible husband, I felt compelled to draw “It,” because that is what I do. I threw spaghetti at the refrigerator with this drawing, for I used charcoal for the hat, PanPastel for the feeble attempt at a Bokeh background, soft pastel for the collar, and Blick brand wax-based colored pencils for the face. I am still convinced I prefer Faber-Castell oil-based colored pencils over wax-based (Blick, Prismacolor, or otherwise). Also, while the different mediums can combine for interesting results; they do not always play together very well, e.g., the waxed-based colored pencil will not take charcoal. I could not find my burnishing pencil, so I used the white colored pencil for burnishing. It worked wonderfully to burnish and tone down values and could easily take a darker tone if need be. The substrate is Strathmore 400 Series Medium Surface Colored Pencil Paper, 100 lb. It could take a beating. I like Canson and Stonehenge paper as well for colored pencil. I considered the three-value system on two levels. On the macro level the hat, face, and collar work for dark, midtone, and light values respectively was distinct. However, on a more micro, i.e., the face, the range of value was narrower than desired. Since the portrait was of a female (soft and smooth), I erred on the side of a narrower value range rather than risk going too dark and losing the femininity of the portrait.


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September 22, 2019

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