MADISON – “Belly Dancer” After Loomis – Drawing

19-057-09.29F-2.5  %22Belly Dancer%22 After Loomis (Blackwing Graphite Pencils)


As you know, I am Madison, and I am a Loomisholic. So I submit to you another After Loomis drawing. I, like you, consider myself a formalist, and felt obligated to compose the figure more diagonally for dynamism. I hope I did not make it more difficult to juxtapose in Photoshop. My style seems to heavily favor detail over looseness, and I struggle with “loosining-up” in my drawings. Loomis’ drawing style helps me tip the scale a bit more in that direction. I thank you in advance for your critique.



Titled: “Belly Dancer” After Loomis

Dated: 09.29.2019

Medium: Blackwing Graphite Pencils

Subject: Figure

Size: 11 X 14 in.

Substrate: Bee Paper Company Stipple Texture Drawing Paper 132 lb.

Reference Drawing Credit: Public Domain: Andrew Loomis “Successful Drawing,” p 136.


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September 30, 2019

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