Lorne – figure


Hey Matt,

Wasn’t going to upload one but happened to hit a point with this one where I didn’t feel like rendering anymore (I seem to be a 2-3 hours per drawing person tops).  I’m still working on taking better pictures – unfortunately my setup doesn’t have great lighting, and I relied on a steady hand and the flash on my phone, which seems to reveal more imperfections than I was aware…

Anyway, my focus for this drawing was modelling form and trying to get the “3D-ness” of the model, both in her torso and small details like her ribs and hip bone that juts out, by trying to keep a more solid line that separates.  However I lost it a bit in the folds of her stomach and over-blended her breast and ended up flattening it out…

Overall, I still think the torso’s kind of flat – I had a tough time with the stomach making it look round and curving away.  I think side-profile figures in general give me this trouble.  

As always thanks for your insightful eye!




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March 22, 2021

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