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Goldfaber colored pencil and highlighter.

After I did this, I watched a fantastic Dorian Iten short video on use of value.   It was great.   Talked about the Lambert Scale.  I have so much more to practice now!

I went a little stupid on the white pencil, I think.

Also, I need to better plan out my drawing size as I ran out of room at the feet.  (9×12 toned paper pad)

Any comments will be helpful, Matt.  I am really enjoying your videos.  I was on the Zoom meeting last week, but I was at work and well, they might not think it was too great if I paticipated.  I did listen though and got some good pointers.

Thanks for all you do.   BTW, Arjun told me to tell you hello.  🙂  I conversed w him on IG.



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July 3, 2021

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