Linda Understanding Form


Hi Matt,

Thank you for the excellent lesson.  I ran through it 3 times and picked up more each run through.  

I forced myself to sightsize and got an inaccurate outcome.  I know why though. 

I saw some stunning recent drawn illustrations of period paper dolls.  The artist had drawn the likeness of a real person, her great grandmother,  with period dresses that the woman had worn, IRL,  resourced from her own photographs.   Wow.  On one fancy ornate illustration plate with outfits all around her.  It was pretty cool. 

That is one of many things I want to learn how to do.   Catch a likeness and render clothing accurately.   

I went to zoom figure drawing class 1 with the live model.  I LOVED IT.
Thank you so much.  




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November 21, 2021

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