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I drew from the same model this week with your advice in mind about showing some more of the bony landmarks…. what I ended up realizing is that part of the reason I was having trouble with this model in particular is because she is exactly in between being thin and fat…. when someone is thin I can recognize the bony landmarks as protrusions and when they’re a heavier I can find some of the landmarks by the indentions they make or where the fat seems to fold in some places that relate to those landmarks


this model appeared very smooth to me all over and I was having a lot of trouble finding the landmarks I know about…. do you have any advise for what to do in a situation like this?  Do I need more practice looking….. more practice designing and inventing… or??  It seemed funny given her shape to ad indications of the anterior superior illiac spines and I kept trying to add them in drawings of her and then erasing them


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February 3, 2020

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