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The Tibia & Fibula-82a6e3cb

Hi Matt,

1- It was hard to me to detect the exact places of Kneecap and inside and outside of knee. I think the inside is close to the skin, but the outside I didn’t know its place!

2-Did I get wright the bow of the thigh-bones and for the Tibia and Fibula I think they are straight!

And for the Greater Trochanter, I tried to draw them on that pump on the outside part of the thigh!

3-Inregards to the lower bones of the tibia and Fibula, did I get the bottom part of the outside and inside the ankles correct? And I don’t know why the right Tibia looks taller than the left one and the thigh-bones are opposite in sizes! The right thigh-bone looks shorter than the left one!





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August 21, 2022

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