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Hi Matt,

Produced this from one of my sketches I did at a boatyard.  This is very much a practice piece and given my limited knowledge of watercolour and composition it threw up many challenges that I hope you can give me some advice on.  Firstly, composition.  I have roughly followed the rule of thirds down the page but  my focus point was really the old shed but it needed a boat in to complete the story however wasn’t sure how to change things around to fit in to the rule of thirds.   Am still trying to find my way as to how to take a good reference photo and not sure if this one fit the bill?  Secondly regarding tonal values, was careful not to use black but the darks I have used seem to appear so flat, again not sure how to approach it.  The trees in the background, should they have been far lighter to give the impression of distanct trees?  Look forward to your comments and appreciate your time.  Many thanks Jan  


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September 10, 2021

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