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Hi Matt,

Last drawing was from imagination, this one’s from a reference. 

You asked me about my background so here it is: I’m 49, and unemployed as I had to give up my job as a chemist, due to serious health issues. I picked up drawing since November last year and I find it to be a very pain relieving and meditative activity. I draw a lot, like 8 hours a day. To simplify the learning process, I’ve limited my supplies to newspaper and one kind of charcoal pencil (conté pierre noire). Currently I split up my eight hours into one session where I do fundamentals (comparative measurement, shading, planes of the head, composition) and one session in which I do portraits like this. I’m here mainly for the excellent fundamental tutorials but also for the critiques, because I feel like working in a vacuum (with probably a great deal of tunnel vision and bad routines). 

For this drawing in particular, I have a few questions:

-I feel that something is wrong with the design of the shadows, is it because of the massive dark mass on the left? How do I get more balanced?

-I always start with the planes of the head, over which I lay in the ‘bed bug line’.. does this line follow the plane shifts or is it behaving independently?

Many thanks in advance, 



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March 19, 2021

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