Knight Figure Drawing 1

Knight Figure Drawing 1-b8cce190

Hi Matt

I tried to draw a knight using  3 steps that usually character designers do for learning purposes!

1- First I tried to do the skeleton over the photo as you did in your course and I think it’s not correct I  think  the pelvis is too tall, I didn’t know how to fix it!

2-Inregards to the volume structure, I don’t know why the  left thigh is much bigger than the right one!

3-Inregards to the  final step, the  line art. Could you please check the face, there are many details there, and I didn’t know which lines I should remove! 

4-Could you please also check the hand that hold the sword  and for the armor plate, there are many details that  look distracting! How can I make it less distracting?




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April 24, 2022

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