KeyWest sunset


Matt- my first time doing a watercolor painting using Derwent watercolor pencils on Canson XL watercolor paper 11×15.  I don’t have a very big collection of these pencils I basicly used/blended as I thought best :  Orange cadmium and orange chrome for most of the sky with crimson lake or light violet for clouds and some of that for between palm tree strands; spectrum blue and blue grey for water; gunmetal for the sails; ivory black, golden brown, copper beech for boat island in distance, people,structures on the sail boat.  I think it looks good(my opinion-awaiting your critique) but I’m not sure how to finish the framing of sky and sailboat with how intense to make the palm strands- I started blending olive green and burnt carmine but I wasn’t sure if making the palm strands toodark(ivory black?,.) would shift focus from sky into sailboat or help emphasize— what do you think?  Hope you and family are doing well and staying safe.  Thank you for your time.

peace, bob kantner


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February 7, 2021

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