Kelsey’s Mucha Sketch-a-thon, Part 2


Hi Matt, 

I hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weekend. 
Here we have my next attempt at Mucha. I experimented with doing the line-y modeling, with variable success. I eventually settled on a sort of combo modeling technique, which perhaps was the worst of both worlds 😏 I know it’s all a matter of practice, but man, those lines are hard! How did he get them so even?! I’ve particularly  struggled with her belly folds- I know they are wrong, but each time I fuss with them I seem to make them worse.

I am really enjoying the process (no matter how much I grumble), and bought a Mucha book that ostensibly has all of his images, so hopefully I’ll have some better quality references. Though to be fair, his skills are far less intimidating when they are a series of blobs 😆

Thank you!



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September 4, 2022

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