Keep low – neil


Hi Matt,

Sorry, hit the wrong button last time so the post was empty.

I tried to expand the background tone this time, but it did not turn out as smooth as I had hoped, may just need to do it slower next time or maybe add that first.

Early on I didn’t get the likeness in the face, but I wasn’t too concerned about that. However, I think it may be too big again?

I know the balance is not quite right with the position of the legs, as the left leg should be further forward, but having spent too long looking at this drawing it is hard for me to tell if it feels off or not now. I can see the negative space is not the same shape in front of the leg but when I spot differences too late it would mean starting again to correct it and a likeness is not always that important to me if the drawing finally works.

Overall I like the tone in the shadows but feel there is not enough contrast (I was a bit rushed for time this week). 





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September 24, 2021

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