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This week I studied a daisy flower, I drew from life. I used HB mainly in my 9 x 12 sketchbook

I was just aiming to get my hand eye coordination back ( it took 4 pages to get here) and also studying the flower in preparation to include it in a still life, I’m not sure yet. Of all the objects I’ve attempted to paint, my flowers have been least successful. I’ve also not studied it like this before. I won’t paint to this detail but I find studying it helps me memorise the qualities of it. I think I need to do a couple more, front facing, 3 quarter view etc. I also want to try shading in background because I’m not going to paint a flower without a background. I made a few marks towards a background and gave up, wasn’t feeling the marks I was making

Last week your comment was that it’s “1000% about the edges”. Although that was regarding my painting, I cleaned up my outer edges. And unstraightened a few lines before submitting this 🙂

for flower on the left, we are looking UP at it and from ‘behind’. I cldnt get a good photo because it was backlit. in a still life there’s often a flower bending away from you so I tried this angle. I think the area where the stem gives way to the flowers is bothering me. ( Google says it’s the sepal/ receptacle) It’s coming off flat


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March 14, 2020

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