Karina study


Hi Matt, how’s your mental state this week? I lost perspective for a little bit with dealing with life. Two weeks since I last uploaded, I think a little critique today would help push me back into refocus 🙂 

Just more flower studies today. I pushed the top  right the most and I don’t like the end result as the edges got more and more primitive as I struggled to keep control with shading. Top left I only had 30 mins so I worked fast and I like the overall feeling better even though it’s fast sketch… and I’m thinking what am I pushing it towards? Bottom one I’m not finished but I’m nearing the deadline for uploading 

I keep asking myself what am I sketching for when it’s just practice. There’s so many little bits to work on. And ultimately Im itching to paint but When i can’t I pick up the pencil


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April 5, 2020

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