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Pencil to paper

Hi Matt!

This is my outcome of the homework from the pencil to paper course. Normally I try to draw fast (around 15 mins)  but this time I tried the medative drawing (this drawing took hours) with the critical things you mentioned in the videos. I never really stood still at the tones and lines, it was always just about creating contrast and in a more sketchy style. I haven’t been able to buy or make the value scale yet so I drew this without.

Since this is my first time posting in the critique gallery I’d like to say what brought me here. I tried applying for a tattoo apprenticeship and they wanted to see more growth in my drawing skills and advised me to take some courses over here to manage that goal.

What I’d like to learn here on this site is to upgrade my drawingskills, see things from different perspectives and become better at observing, visualising and putting those things down on paper.

Thanks in advance for the critique 🙂





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June 24, 2021

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