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Hi Matt,

I’ve been a member of DTO for some time now and I have learned so much even though I realise I’ve been very random in my approach to my ‘learning’ and the way I use your website.

I’ve recently retired and have made the spare room into my very own art room, so no more excuses.

I have gone back to the beginning step by step and I’m really going to try to do the exercises, be more consistent  and start posting my homework for critique.

I tend to start all my drawings with a grid so that at least I have an outline as when I try without I am always way off and it takes me so long to get anywhere I get disheartened. 

I guess my ultimate aim is to ‘loose the crutches’

This is my attempt at the sphere whilst watching you in the lesson, so no reference pic.

Thanks for your critique



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June 12, 2021

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