Isaac Levitan study


Hi Matt, 

I followed along with your videos, pausing the videos from time to time to catch up with you while working on this. I know the proportions are way off, but I like the way it turned out and still feel like I learned a lot doing it. I enjoyed noodling on the tree limbs.  I think it’s a big improvement from last week when I did the Kenyon Cox one, but I spent 3 times the amount of time on this one, so no doubt it should be better. On that note, I really intended for this too to be a quick study…but I literally spent days on it, will speed come with more practice? 

(Oh, and I was so happy I was able to get those little chickens in there.;-)

Thanks, Matt your critiques are so insightful. 


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September 30, 2022

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  1. Kim Bowman-Smith

    I always forget to put my name lol-

    -Kim Bowman-Smith

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