Interior 3 Pt looking down

Interior 3 pt

I am enjoying the process, still trying to get the dimensions to look right,I think the table is too high for the location it is in, I think I should have put it closer and therefore shown less of it.  I know the cat is too big, and that’s because I couldn’t draw a smaller cat  I would have to start with a larger interior.  It’s hard to draw tiny objects such as sink faucets. The top of the window in the second room is supposed to be behind the arch so you onThe little rug by the sink should be wider I think, again the problem with where the table is and its size.   Just for fun added color not sure I should have.

This class has stretched my brain for sure, and I plan to go back to the beginning and practice with all the lessons.  Thanks for your help



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February 18, 2023

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