Matt-have added another 10-15 hours to my rendering of this iconic photo from the depression(makes me think of present-day migrants/immigrants who need our help).  I so want to make this my best(so far rendering) I’m following your suggestions from previous critique from you…I continue to work on Value in large areas (e.g. hair and working on the values within values within hair, her cheeks, under eyebrow,children’ hair, etc with the trusty value finder nearby—takes a lot of time but I find myself kind of losing tack of time as I layer then adjust value slightly like a few small strokes with col-erase under her chin or parts of children’s hair.  My question(s)are 1.  Am I approaching this correctly to render and get that expression on her face “juxtaposed to  her children’s heads, and 2. What is the best way to do the background(in fact any background) so you don’t detract from the main subject/object you want to emphasize?  Looking at some of the other pics the photographer took the back drop was a canvas tarp supported by a couple poles to afford some protection/shelter from the weather.

so,looking forward to your input-always so helpful.

Peace, bob kantner


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February 9, 2020

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