Matt-thank you, thank you, thank you, after taking your lessons/critiques for-gosh how many years(?)-I feel like I can take a deep breath of relief(not that I am stopping learning-that’s a life time process! ) But your critique was/is so helpful-if ok with you I am going to resubmit this As I have (I hope!)your suggestions-I’ve been very happy with my progression on this piece and am greatly encouraged by your opinions/input. Let me know if I should/can stop or is there more I should or could do.   I want to frame this -do you have suggestions? I noticed you have some graphite drawings that look like ther I black frame with I think a white with gray matting which looked like it would work for this.
       I must say you have a gift for connecting-I feel that you are right here looking over my shoulder in the little corner of my condo’s den with west facing window that I’ve designated my “art room”.
Thanks and peace and all good to you. Sincerely, bob kantner


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February 23, 2020

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