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Hi Matt,


I worked on your last feedbacks. I would like to know if there more things I should work on them!

Furthermore, I struggled to show that the nose of the first statue is turning, I fixed the distances between nose and head edge. I don’t know how can I show it turning !

Can you please explain why the eye sockets area like the half part of them  next to the nose  get more dark and get cast shadow and why the eyes lids from top and down get light if the eye sockets are under plane that turn inside opposite to the light direction from the top, and they are supposed to not get any light because the light is from the top ?

Likewise, why there are some hairs on the sides of the first statue get light where the rest of the hair is complete dark on the sides next to the ears if the light is from the top?

Lastly, I would like to ask you about the turning plane. Does the turning plane only happens on round forms? And does it happen only if the light is front or top?


Thanks alot



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June 27, 2021


  1. Matthew Archambault


    For next week, try not to upload two images like this together. It became quite confusing for me to figure out which statue you were talking about in terms of your questions. Plus, I can give you more of a quality critique on one painting versus trying to squeeze in two.



  2. nadim chreide

    Ok, I will post only one statue next time. In regard to my questions, they were directed to the woman statue head at the left.

    In regard to the other picture post, Modeling form and circle, I also posted a circle and the statue which they were in the same lesson. Should I also not post them together?



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