Hand Study 3

Hand-Study 3

Hi Matt,


1-Inregards to the bones, did I draw them correctly? I am not sure if the ulna and radius bones touch each other or if the radius overlaps the ulna!

-In regards to the big knuckles of the hand, are these knuckles the head of the metacarpals or are they the end part of the proximal phalanges?


2-Inregards to the geometric shapes or surface planes of the hand, did I draw them correctly? I didn’t know how to draw the big box of the hand with the sides!


3. Regarding the drawing, could you please check the drawing?

-I feel this drawing is flat and not good! And I also struggled to see the line that separates light from dark, and it seems there are shadows at the top of the hand and the lower part! It’s confusing; I didn’t understand the light direction!

-I feel the shading lines are boring, even though I tried to make different spaces between them!


Thanks a lot 



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October 21, 2023

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