Hand Study 1B

Hand-Study 1B

Hi Matt,

I did three steps: the first was the bone and muscle study, the second was a drawing with shading lines, and the third was a painting. (I have a lot of questions; just answer, please, what you want and what you see as important!)


1-Inregards to the bones, I did them randomly; I didn’t know their landmarks! How do you know where the distal phalanx meets the middle phalanx and where the middle phalanx meets the proximal phalanx?

And also, where does the proximal phalanx meet the metacarpals? And where do the carpal bones start and end with regard to the wrists of the hands?

And the muscle that I mentioned last time is called the First Dorsal Interosseous! I tried to show it by shading!


2-Inregards the second step drawing with shading lines, I worked on your last feedback, and I’m not sure if I did the shading lines correctly as you said with the angle of the hand?


3-Inregards the painting, when I was studying the values, there was some stuff I didn’t understand!

First of all, I didn’t get the light direction! Is it directly from the top, or from behind or from the front? And how do you know if there are no cast shadows in this photo?

a-Why are there no shadows on the last finger, the pinky, like on the other fingers?

b-Why are the highlights of the skin folds lighter than the top plane of the fingertips?

c-Why are there some highlights in some areas at the bottom?

d-There are some lighter values on the back side of the finger and below the nails, I don’t know if it’s bounce light and from where it comes?


Thanks alot



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October 7, 2023

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