Hand Study 1

Hand-Study 1

Hi matt,

I am studying hands before moving to the legs! When I draw this hand, I realize that it has a lot of weird dry fold skins in the middle of the fingers! I don’t know why, maybe he is an old person? And there are also like 3 lines in the palm area, are these tendons of extensors? And there is also an egg-shaped muscle near the thumb area!

1-I struggled with the structure of the hand, I didn’t know how to simplify the palm area and the thumb area, and I’m not sure if cylinders or the squares are better to resemble the fingers? Could you please show me how can I simplify the structure of this hand ?

2-Could you please check the drawing and see how I can show this thumb muscle and give more form to this drawing? I feel like it’s flat in some areas!





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October 1, 2023

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