Gypsy Ref/Drawing Jan G


Hi Matt

This photo really caught my eye so decided to have a go.  Firstly I knew I wouldn’t be able to draw his beard as my mono zero just wouldn’t lift out those curly strands.  Interested as to how you would go about it.  Secondly I think I have his left eye too high up, originally it was too low so although I managed to erase and correct the first mistake I don’t think it would take another onslaught.  When I hold it up to the mirror it looks off, have checked my measurements and what lines up with what vertically and can’t find anything wrong.  Is it the eye that’s causing it to look off.  Lastly I didn’t know what to do about a background.  I felt if I filled it in I would just lose the outline of the beard so just left it plain.  Again how would you go about it.  Many thanks and hope you are keeping well.  


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May 3, 2020

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