Someone suggested we might not want to just choose a good-looking person off the internet and draw them, so I had to do that. I have succeeded in making a beautiful guy into a monster. Well, at least this latest version of my drawing looks human. The last version looked like a cat mixed with a refrigerator. I’m a writer and it takes most writers quite a lot of writing before they’re able to reveal character through dialogue — that’s when the find their ‘voice’.  That’s what I want to do with drawing — find a voice, reveal character. I’ve worked with storyboard artists who can show incredibly complex human emotions on the face, and they do it in ten seconds. You can watch Picasso draw a single line by squirting a tube of paint onto a board and you know exactly what the drawing is trying to convey (it’s not just recognisable, there’s also mood, humour etc.). People can even make cartoons sexy, with a couple of lines. I’m not an artist, I’m a writer, but I want to be able to make humanity radiate between a portrait and viewer. Even just a little. Right now, I can’t even show likeness. I picked this guy because he has a fleshy, handsome face full of character. I thought if I just got the lips right it would make the drawing recognisable — they’re so distinctive. Also that nose, with its brilliant two or three sections. I couldn’t render either of those things, which looked so simple. In fact, my first drawings looked so bizarre, that I started to measure and I couldn’t believe how far down the face the eyes actually go. My mind told me something completely different. I thought the eyes were up above the nose, but they’re really at the sides, like a fish. I realised that I could forget about character and likeness, I need to start with proportions and get a drawing looking like a recognisable human being before I move on.



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November 3, 2019


  1. Ahmet Mert Vural

    I can’t believe I had this much fun while reading the description of a drawing 😀 Being good at something takes a lot of time as you said but we are only at the beginning of our journey! Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Craig Warner

    Thanks Ahmet. There was a moment when I actually started to see him, peering through the cloud of confused graphite. But then he went away again, and every stroke became an increasingly futile attempt to lure him back. Thanks for the support!

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