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Figure from photo reference.  I have lots to learn, so nothing specific. Maybe are the shadows too vague?

My name is Gina. I have always loved drawing. Back in the late 80’s, I started trying to practice but life got in the way. Not the wisest decision, but I shelved my art for many MANY years. Took a few painting classes here and there, but spotty art at best 

My son, now grown, gave me a sketch book and pencil set for Mother’s day, bugged me and bugged me to get back to it, so in 2016, I started drawing again every day.  I consumed online content and began to really work on drawing and oil painting (my new love).  My focus is the figure and portraiture.

My aspirations are humble, to show some, to sell some. But I will get as good as I can possibly get by working hard at art for the rest of my life .

I am currently in another class, but I love your teaching style, Matt, and couldn’t resist signing up for DTO!  Thanks for the opportunity to grow even more.

–Gina in Asheville, NC area (@ginatsteel on IG)




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June 24, 2021

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