Girls Head – Michael Basler


Hi Matt,
greetings from Germany.

I did several portraits this week. I have chosen this one for the Critique Gallery.

I took some liberties in designing the headscarf and the fabric. My main concern was the shape in general and form light of the entire composition. Of course, also about likeness.

It was fun to work soft and smooth.

The paper is Strathmore Bristol vellum surface 400 Series.
A great paper but You can damage the surface if You press too hard

You can work wonderfully on this paper with the Prismacolor pencil.
Especially if you do it very softly.

I think I’m doing better with the last portraits because I want the portraits to be little artworks and not only a collection of technical details and parts. This helps me to set the focus on the whole drawing and the relation of the parts to the whole.




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September 26, 2020

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