Girl on a bench


Hi Matt!

Thank you for your last critique, it was really helpful.

I’m currently going through the layered approach course and started this drawing with the rough skeleton which I think helped a lot.  This time the figure seems a lot less stiff to me than the last one.

I wanted to ask for your help on a few things that I don’t think work very well in this drawing.

I don’t really like how I lit and shaded the figure, especially her face but also the shadow she casts on the bench. Not just in terms of which areas to shade or lighten but also where to use hard edges and where to keep them soft.

I’m also not very happy with her facial features, they seem somewhat off to me even though I can’t really figure out why.

Finally I was wondering how you would go about simplifying the background of the picture, because I’d like to start drawing entire scenes as opposed to just characters on a blank background, but I’ve never done this before and I’m afraid of ending up with an overly detailed background clashing with the stylized figure.

Thank you,



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October 19, 2019

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