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Hey Matt!

I’m currently doing the gesture drawing course (I have 4 videos left to watch), and it is very hard to do. I had problems with showing form with form lines , it was hard for me to map where each body part should be. I often stop and think of what to do, so I’m not in the flow and drawing small shadow shapes (like spine in other drawing that I did) is hard too.

I know you’ve said not to outline everything but I honestly didn’t know how to do it the other way when I was under the time pressure.

I’m definitely gonna practice this daily, these drawings fill my sketchbook super fast.

I’m using 8×10 sketchbook and 4B graphite pencil for these drawings.

Didnt’t know which drawing should I post so picked the worst one, so maybe I could learn from it the most.



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March 22, 2021

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