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Fred Sergent - Figure Drawing Digital-20200712

Hi Matt,

I decided to go back thru the anatomy lesson to perfect my figure drawing, done some of them in the old site some years ago.
I choose to do them in digital to practice that media in the same time. Don’t know if its a good way but will try.

Here the first one on the rib cage anatomy lesson, please let me know what do you think about.
I know that i turn it more in a figure drawing way and do more than the rib cage and but its a way for me to practice some other part at the same time, and when i start its hard to stop on just one region :). Tell me if i am doint it wrong. 

What the best way to pratice that anatomy stuff in order to memorize the key points, how many time on each part or how many drawings should we spend on it ?
What i would like at term is to be able to draw the figure not only from photo but from memory too or from an imaginative pose. What the best process to accomplish that ?

Thanks for all your stuff, love your live saturday drawing videos too.

Fred Sergent


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July 12, 2020

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